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Programme 2015/2016

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At meetings, supper is at 7 pm,
(£20, £5 for students)
followed by the talk at 8 pm.

N.B. There are two venues for meetings this year:
LGI (Food Court, C floor, Clarendon wing, then B41 lecture theatre) for Nov & Dec, and
University of Leeds for all other meetings (Great Woodhouse Suite, University House, University Road, LS2 9JT

[LGI directions & parking information may be downloaded here.]

[University House: The roads around University House are available to the public to park i.e. Cromer Terrace, Clarendon Place and Lyddon Place, and arrangements are made with the University Car Parking staff that the 20 or so parking places on University Road may also be used.
The Campus Map (here) shows the Great Hall (number 4), which is at the bottom of University Road; University House is number 7.
Here is a Google map of the area.]


Thurs, 15th October
Presidential Address: 'Sexism and ageism in medicine'.
Prof James Drife
Venue: University of Leeds

Thurs, 26th November
Medical Students' Presentations
Chaired by Dr Andrew Mooney, Renal Physician
Venue: LGI

Thurs, 10th December
Christmas Quiz
Dr Ian Rothwell
Venue: LGI


Thurs, 28th January
'Ebola Emergency: stories from the front line'
Prof John Wright
Venue: University of Leeds

Thurs, 25th February
'Remaking Faces and Other Places;
(Biomaterials: their use and application in surgery)'

Prof Alan Roberts
Venue: University of Leeds

Thurs, 17th March
'You're Fired - Spontaneous Human Combustion'
Prof Mike Green
Venue: University of Leeds

Thurs, 21st April
Inspire Evening: Junior Doctors' Presentations
Chair: Prof Jim Drife
Venue: University of Leeds

Thurs, 2nd June
7 pm A.G.M.
8 pm Annual Dinner
Entertainment: "Ad Hoc Baroque"
Ticket cost: TBA
Venue: Great Woodhouse Suite, University House
University of Leeds
University Road, LS2 9JT

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