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Programme 2019/2020

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At meetings, supper is at 6.45pm,
(£25, £5 for students)
followed by the talk at 8pm.

Meetings Venue: Great Woodhouse Suite, University House, University Road, LS2 9JT

Parking: The roads around University House are available to the public to park i.e. Cromer Terrace, Clarendon Place and Lyddon Place, and arrangements are made with the University Car Parking staff that the 20 or so parking places on University Road may also be used.
The Campus Map (here) shows the Great Hall (number 4), which is at the bottom of University Road; University House is number 7.
Here is a Google map of the area.]


Thurs, 17th October
'Restorative Robots in Rehabilitation'
Dr Rory O'Connor

Thurs, 14th November
Medical Students' Presentations
Chaired by Dr Andrew Mooney, Renal Physician

Thurs, 19th December
Christmas Quiz
Quizmaster: Dr Aleck Brownjohn


Thurs, 16th January
'So Many Tablets!'
Dr Arnold Zermansky

Thurs, 27th February
'Magnesium Sulphate: the story of its success in maternal eclampsia'
Prof Lelia Duley

Unfortunately, all planned meetings, including the AGM and Annual Dinner, have been cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

We hope to re-schedule them at a later date.

Thurs, 19th March
'Neonatology in the 21st century'
Dr Catherine Harrison

Thurs, 23rd April
Inspire Evening: Junior Doctors' Presentations
Chair: Prof Jim Drife

Thurs, 18th June
7 pm A.G.M.
8 pm Annual Dinner
Entertainment: TBA
Ticket cost: TBA

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